Sisters Impacting Society Network
Sisters Impacting Society Network

Welcome to Sisters Impacting Society Network

The space where well-rounded, purposeful, and influential women connect.


We’ve created a space for women who are ready to move beyond the first steps of research and inspiration. The network will be an ongoing experience packed with proven strategies that will help you implement best practices and produce tangible results. This is your perfect opportunity to join an intentional community of well-rounded, purposeful, and influential women! 



We created this movement for women like you who have identified their desire to become more effective and influential in their respective communities. Here are a few reasons why we do what we do:

✨ To bring light to the skills and abilities you may not know you have

✨ To help you refine your commitments so that you can create a healthy lifestyle

✨ To provide you with tools that will enhance your productivity and effectiveness

✨ To bring clarity to your journey so that you can become a confident game-changer

✨ To provide resources & opportunities that might not have been easily accessible


We designed this network to serve young adult women in their 20s and 30s who are goal-driven and are looking to connect with like-minded women. 

Our network is an ideal fit if you find yourself asking these questions:

How do I get clarity about my journey?

How do I see tangible and real results as I’m pursuing my goals?

How do I identify and secure relevant connections? 

How do I take the next step toward making my dreams into reality?

Where do I find key resources that are right for my journey?

How do I keep a winning mindset?


The woman who has trouble determining her purpose. 

The woman who needs direction regarding her journey.

The woman who needs help managing commitments.

The woman who needs to be connected with driven women.

The woman who is stuck waiting to move to her next.

The woman who needs to know how to take the next step.

The woman who needs strategies to revamp and refocus.

The woman who is hesitant to act because of fear and doubt.

The woman who is looking for the most relevant resources.

The woman who lacks the right tools and resources.

The woman who wants to see tangible results.

The woman who wants to invest in proven strategies.


Topic-based live sessions to introduce and develop personal and professional concepts.

Resource breakdowns and follow-ups to personalize concepts and help fill in the gaps.

Worksheets, devotionals, & one-on-one coaching to help personalize the experience.

Network nuggets, interactive posts, polls, questions, and surveys to cultivate growth.

Exclusive lifetime access to all course content, worksheets, devotionals & the network.

Network ambassador perks and incentives.

Breakout groups for discussion and interaction around topics of interest.

Discounts on exclusive store merchandise & tools that correlate with the network experience


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